ResQte Of The Week: Easter Edition!

Rabbit-Haven-Logo-300x223 Peter Cottontail is gonna come a-hoppin’ down the Bunneh Trail in a few days, so let’s check out these ResQte Buns! They are all located at the The Rabbit Haven in Northern California. From their site:

“The Rabbit Haven works with shelters and the community in the Bay Area of Northern California to assist rabbits in need. We then work to place these rescued rabbits into loving foster homes and finally into permanent adoptive homes.”

Here’s how to adopt…here’s adoption criteria…and here is a pre-adoption questionnaire. (Click each link and that doc downloads automatically.)




DEETS U SHOULD NOSE: Adoptions once a month at For Other Living Things in Sunnyvale California (first Saturday.) Twice a month at Pet Pals in Soquel California (2nd and 4th Sundays.)


  1. Wabbit Season !! anyone got some carrots to spare for the little guys and gals ??

  2. Hope they make it very clear that these cute little buns don’t stay small and cuddly for long. They’re a lifelong commitment. Chocolate is for Easter not live bunnies.

  3. Therabbithaven knows .. They are a very good place from my understanding

  4. csempere109 says:

    Hammy1, they do. It’s not common for The Rabbit Haven to have so many baby bunnies in their care, but they recently rescued a rabbit, Cameo, that had a young litter and was about to give birth to a second litter (and did so).

  5. foxwearingsox says:

    Leapin’ Lagomorphs! they have the most beautiful batch o bunnies at their website up for adoption. It’s hard to believe anybody would give up these gems!

  6. 6rabbits says:

    The first bun has stolen my heart!