Someone’s Getting Some TLC

Good grief! This Bebeh Sqwerl look a huge tumble out of a nest and got some hurts. City Wildlife in Washington DC is taking care of her.

Thanks to Michelle M.



  1. Martine Wang says:

    Poor bebeh… sure a big bandage…

  2. ouchie .. poor thing

  3. So precious – poor wee bebeh! 😦

  4. Awww! Google cute or sad and this picture is sure to come up. So pitifully cute.

  5. Poor skwerlio! I am glad hoomins are helping.

  6. Did they have to fly in special tiny instruments? Poor little baby–hope you’re back on all your feet soon.

  7. city wildlife healed a red-bellied woodpecker female that my cat caught, the one morning i let him out without his cat bib. then they let me come pick her up and release her back at home on sunday! yay City Wildlife! also, cat bibs–they work! not affiliated in any way, just happy to have my rehabbed feral hunter able to be outside without the carnage…

  8. Get well soon, little skwerl girl! I’m glad that you have great peeps to look after you.

  9. When visiting Washington D.C., keep an eye out for the squirrels, which range in color from silver to deep auburn brown. One of President Reagan’s Christmas cards featured a squirrel in the snow.

  10. sabrina rose says:

    Poor dear little skwerl! I wish I could give you a handful of shelled raw peanuts to cheer you up.

  11. Aww, poor bebeh. Why do they have to use a bandage twice as long??

  12. Cynthia M says:

    Aww, such a sweet little baby. Wish I could send you a big jar of peanut butter.