Poll: OK, Which One Is Cuter?

So yesterday, we showed you the Scooting Bebeh Trunkster getting all charged up. Murkle46 commented, “Have a contest! Which is cuter, this one or the baby elephant who was scared by his own sneeze?”

OK then! (We think Murkle meant “poll” and not “contest.” Not givin’ away Trunksters.) So….Vote vote vote like a bebeh stoat!



  1. While they are both totally adorable, #1 is a little cuter.

  2. I am happy that CO thought enough of my idea to do this poll !!
    Sure you cant maybe FedEx one of the little guys?

  3. They are both cuteastic, but the #1 all time cute bebwh trunkster is the original scooter, which is still maybe my fav youtube of all time:

  4. @Mal, I agree on that- but this was just for these two videos. Otherwise, yeah, the Original Trunkster video just cleans up.

  5. Tough choice, but I’ll go with #1! (Although the scootin’ bebeh trunkster is really the winner of any poll…)

  6. I love #1….when that little guy tries to make his trunk work (love that shaking thing)…then thinks he’s big & bad ..love that little jump, just before he runs for cover.

  7. Laura DragonWench says:

    As much as I love the sneezing trunkster, the first video wins simply because of that absolutely adorable hop and stomp from the little guy. That kind of “fierceness” is too cute to resist! 😀