“Hello, IRS? My Tax Return’s Gonna Be Late.”

“Yes, I know they’re due tonight by midnight. Why’s it gonna be late? Well…the dog ate it. Yes, I’m sure you HAVE heard that one before.”



  1. doomchild says:

    I do hope this dog has been trained to let go. Otherwise behavior like this will lead to bad consequences – shredded clothes, destroyed mail etc. If this is just his way of having fun, then I’d start to rent him as a paper shredder 😀 Only a dollar / paper, 25% extra if you wish to pet him 🙂

  2. IRS: “I’m sorry, even thou you gave video proof, you need to file form “Pupph-1040″ for an filing extension”

  3. In the days before online tax software and electronic filing, one time I just needed to drop off my return at the post office after work on 4/15. When I got to the main NYC post office on 34th street around 9pm, the place was completely packed with people who are still working on their forms while waiting in line for postage. The horror, the horror…

  4. Sounds like a normal April 15th at most ‘main’ post offices in places.
    The one here where I live has pizza brought in for the people and
    everything .. I wonder if they ‘rent’ out this paper shredder ?