Two Sides To Every Story




“BIG fan of your page and thought I’ll take a shot and try to Contribute With Cuteness. The first picture is of my hamster Edgar..just an ordinary Kodak Moment™, or is it? The second picture is of my bunny’s how she usually looks when taking a nap (or just occupying the sofa).”

[Vallmo? Sounds like a table or a plate at IKEA. -Ed.]

“We all live in Örebro Sweden, hoping to see one/both on your blog soon, if not, love it anyways! Best Regards Caroline M.”

[And oh, just because we CAN…..]



  1. Love it! Thanks. The Muppets are great and the Swedish Chef was one of my son’s favorites!

  2. Ms. Piggy is such a ham (and I don’t mean Hamster)

  3. DewiCasGwent says:

    I wonder what they call the Swedish Chef in Sweden?

  4. Vallmo means poppy. 🙂 Those are some gorgeous canoes there.

  5. 6rabbits says:

    Love the floofular bunneh feets!

  6. Rixraxmarie says:

    I remember that episode when it came out. I was so glad when the chef foiled Ms. Piggy’s karate chop. All her hitting made me very uncomfortable.

  7. Catherine M says:

    You are in Örebro?? No kidding!! I am a Canadian living near Märsta!!

  8. @DewiCasGwent
    We call him “den svenske kocken”, which translated back into English would be “the Swedish Cook”.