Martin Taylor

Sounds rather like a Men’s Clothier, doesn’t it? Like on NBC Nightly News, “Brian William’s suits provided by Martin Taylor.”


THIS is Martin Taylor, and GET a look at THAT FACE WILLYA!

“We bought him from a slightly scary lady that sold goats. He was the last one of his litter left which often leads us to ask, “How cute were the other ones?!?” -Jackie R.

P.S. Marty- what IS that on your head?



  1. Obviously not cute enough for the Overload! Marty is wearing a raspberry. For the others.

  2. daisycam says:

    Martin Taylor. . . great name! That face says “I am Mr. Personality!”

  3. Dog Lover says:

    OMG, if he was any cuter I would be ded. But man, what a way to go! 🙂

  4. sabrina rose says:

    Quite the cheerful and debonair young fella! I like a happy face. Is that a snood he’s wearing?

  5. pawsitive says:

    He looks like a Havanese, is he?

  6. Jackie R, the cutie pie's Grandmother says:

    Hello—The goat lady said his Mom was a poodle and his Dad was a Maltese.