Kitteh Acts Like A Puppeh?

When you come home from work or wherever, your faithful dog usually greets you warmly at the door, correct? (Or at least, they’re supposed to.) Cats, on the other hand- could care less.

Until now. People, meet Moo The Cat.

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  1. I’d go out just to come home to that welcome.

  2. One of my cats sits in the porch window and greets me when I get home. My neighbor has advised me that he starts about 5 minutes before I get home, and if I am late, he just keeps it up until I get home. (Emm- sometimes it would be nice to be able to get in the door before it starts)

  3. My kitteh greets me at the door every day. She’s there waiting when I open the door and, sometimes, even complains if I’m taking too long in the foyer before opening the door and letting the Greeting Dance begin.

    I don’t think anyone told her (or me) that cats aren’t supposed to be as happy to see their person as any old dog might be.

  4. Clairdelune says:

    I heard the same noise from my cat when she feels I’m too slow getting out of bed to give her breakfast.

  5. My tuxie would wait so close to the front door that I’d have to crack it open gently or else I’d end up bonking him on the head.

  6. And what about the days they decide a sunbeam on the back porch is more important?

  7. Hate to burst the love bubble people, but we’re talkin’ ’bout kittehs here, who love and serve no-one. I repeat, no-one! This is all ’bout food and it’s interminably slow arrival at the food bowl. Accept it, we are all just slaves..

  8. My tuxie does that too… then RUNS to the kitchen and yells at me until the food is dished out. (I’m don’t actually think her greeting is not self-serving)
    I do make sure the garage door is shut before I come inside, though. Sometimes she’ll zip thru the door soooo quickly!

  9. jlamusings says:

    All 3 of my guys usually greet me when I get home – and it’s not feeding time. 🙂 2 of them wait in the front window between the blinds. I have to open my door slowly too, Annette, because that’s usually where #3 is!

  10. HeyWattsUp says:

    I used to have a sweet little guy who would meow and carry on nonstop until I would sit down and let him sit on my lap. The kitties I have now meow and carry on when I get home because it’s dinner time.

  11. CrankyAmy says:

    Mine greets me like that, but while she’s greeting me, she’s screaming for her dinner. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason she’s come to see me.

  12. AWW 😆 Moo The Cat sounds like a friend of my brother cat, Spot, who would do the same thing to his owner 😆 We (my brother, his male friend and me) later adopted Spot and he did the same thing to us 😆

  13. This greeting doesn’t seem like the “food slave” greeting. More like, “you been gone for MINUTES, and I’ve had no attention and I will DIE if you don’t pet me and adore me right NOW!”

  14. The “Greeting Dance” has little to do with food at my house, as the cat’s on free feed. Not to say there isn’t the occasional evening when I can tell it’s more a call for “Housekeeping!” than “hiya!” But, most of the time, the purrs, rubbing against my legs, sniffing my stuff, and chomping on the mostly junk mail seem to be an elaborate greeting and catching up after our day apart.

  15. My Claude used to meow–but not THAT much!–every day when I got home. He got quieter once I got another kitty and he wasn’t so lonely. I think Moo needs a friend, too. Jack the Big Fat Orange Cat is usually sitting in the window when I get home; he jumps down as soon as he sees my car and is waiting by the food bowl by the time I come in. My favorite thing, though, is when he jumps down and a few seconds later Dora jumps up. I’m sure she has seen him tearing out of the bedroom and is coming to check if I’m REALLY home or if he’s just trying to fake her out.

  16. As far as acting like a dog: I’ve only known a couple cats who come running up to the door when someone comes in–not their owner, but a guest–all eager to see who’s there.

  17. My last-cat-but-one, Monty, once paced back and forth in front of the door for hours, starting at about my normal return-time, when we had a crisis at work and I didn’t get home until about 3:00 am. My mom, who lived with me, sat and watched him, and he’d turn to her and meow like “Where _is_ she? She should be _home_!” He was waiting – and unusually vocal – at the door when I did finally get back, and Mom waited up to describe the event to me, laughing her head off.

    Dusty likes to stick her nose out the mail slot and greet people, including the mail carriers and delivery people. She would be waiting when I got home, until I sold my car when I retired. For a while she didn’t have a clue, but by now she has apparently learned to recognize the sound of my boyfriend’s car, and she is waiting when we’ve been out together and he drops me off. It’s not food, because I only put her food out right before (my) bedtime, just as I did for Monty.

  18. They are just funny creatures.

  19. One Christmas we pulled up to my sister’s house with a trunk filled with presents. Bob, her giant sweetheart ginger, was sitting on the front steps. When he saw who it was getting out of the car, he ran over, giving us a greeting worthy of that guy in the video, and jumped on the back bumper, refusing to jump down and let us open the trunk till all four people in the car had properly returned his greeting.

  20. @Alia and error19, I like that term, “the Greeting Dance”

  21. My first cat came and greeted me at the door every day too. I miss him. *sniff*
    My two cats now see me and run to the food bowl when I come home.

  22. My little fuzzy girl greets me at the door too! And then she wants a tummy rub!! Cats that are unashamed to act like dogs are the absolute best. And my cat is also a tuxie, which I’m noticing a lot of ours are, how strange! 🙂

  23. –When I lost my baby, my old cat came and lay beside me on the sofa, curled up on my bathrobe. She never did that. When I had bad dreams, three times my current boy cat came and laid on my chest. Don’t give me that “cats don’t love you” crap.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    My current kitteh comes to greet me when I get home, but not really dancing, just waiting near the door. I have to open slowly as a couple times he has been too close. Previous cats would wait in the driveway for me to get home from work. (This one doesn’t go out. 😀 )

  25. I don’t think it’s just a “Feed me!” thing (although that is a factor I’m sure)- my cats run to the door to greet me when I come home, even though my husband is home first and they’ve already eaten. They know who their mom is!

  26. Dog Lover says:

    I’m so enjoying all these stories about how people’s cats greet them when they return home. I love hearing people talk about their pets in general but this is especially nice.

  27. My kitties greet me at the door every day. My husband says that as soon as they hear my car, they run to the garage door and start meowing. Last night I even went for a jog. As I came up to my front door, I could see my youngest girl with her paws on the glass ledge peeking out at me meowing and meowing. When I get inside, I can hardly walk with the three of them swooping me non-stop and following me room to room. As soon as I empty my hands, I pet them all and I have to carry my middle “child” around the house (at his demand). There is nothing/no one better to come home to everyday and always happy to see you. 🙂

  28. I will add that my three are free feeders and their bowls are filled in the morning. So, it has nothing to do with food. They love their mama and their mama loves them! 🙂

  29. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    The “Wa ah ah ah ah” as he’s trotting down the stairs is fantastic.

  30. My cats definitely greet me at the door. One even rolls over on his back to get some belly rubs.

  31. @Dog Lover, funny how a simple 30 second video can touch off such a universal chord.

  32. My kitty greets me everyday on the front walk. He comes running from his adventures in the yards. He doesn’t even come into the house to get fed. He just wants to say “hey” and continues about his day. I think he wants a little love before our pup consumes all of my attention with her happy happy joy joy dance!

  33. ashagato says:

    Oscar waits at the top of the stairs, but Asha’s usually right there behind the door, complaining in loud, emphatic meows about how long I’ve been gone. If I somehow surprise her, she runs down the stairs howling just exactly like this guy. Sometimes I’ll be here when she hears something and starts to make a beeline for the door, then she sees me and tries to play it off like she knew I was already home. 🙂

  34. Just to add to the chorus, my kitty also greets me at the door every day, and she is fed freely so it’s not about food. I have to open the door slowly, and if I’m carrying any bags I use those to block the door as I open it. In a few previous apartments, she would sometimes run out the door before I could stop her and explore the common hallways. Now I live in a house, so I have to be careful she doesn’t escape. She also runs to the door when other people come over – just like a dog might – and is not shy about jumping in strangers laps and licking their noses. She is pretty much the friendliest, most curious cat I’ve ever met. I consider myself pretty lucky to have such a goofy, adorable, loving little furball to call my own.

  35. mine do this too- i love it!

  36. 00:23

  37. After THREE DAYS?? PLEASE tell me that cat wasn’t left alone for that length of time. But that’s what it’s cries sound like to me — massive anxiety release. Nothing cute about this vid for me.

  38. Laura DragonWench says:

    I’ll jump in here as well: My Ramses will pace around in front of the door, yowling at me to hurry up as I’m walking over to the door, and come over to greet me as I come into the house. When I have to go out of town, my relatives tell me he becomes quite vocal about my absence. Since Ramses in on free feed, this has nothing to do with feeding him; in fact, when I’m gone longer than a few hours, he won’t eat. My brother, who watched over Ramses when I was out of town for a week, said it took a couple of days before Ramses started eating and even then, he didn’t eat much. And my boy is quite vocal; I live in a basement apartment and when I go upstairs, he starts yowling and running around the bottom of the staircase until I come back down. (He doesn’t join me upstairs for the most part as he doesn’t get along with the dogs who live up there.) Ramses is like a jealous boyfriend: He doesn’t like it when I talk to people other than him, he doesn’t like when I’m gone for longer than he expects, he doesn’t like it when I do things that annoy him such as cough, sneeze, sing, etc. So we get into shouting matches with each other those times when I just can’t take his disapproval any longer. But I wouldn’t change him or get rid of him for anything. 😀

  39. That is just wonderful! I, too, really enjoyed his chattering as he came up the stairs!
    As for cats running out the door, I once had a calico cat named Callie (I know, so original, but I thought she DID look like a “Callie”)–anyway, we would open the door, and out she’d go, so fast, I called her “Callie-Co-ZOOM”! I miss her so much!