Chat Câlin Avec Un Cheval

(AKA “Cuddly Cat With a Horse,” for those who did poorly in college French…like me. -B.)


‘Member earlier this week, Hoppy The Deer decided to do some major cleanup on a kitteh. Now comes part II from over theyah in France.

The soon-to-get-whacked Yahoo! Shine has the story, via Kimberly K.



  1. Horse leeps!

  2. This is so adorbs! I’ve never seen a horse do this before. This kitteh MUST be a master of the universe!

  3. AdrianaB says:

    *faints dead away*

  4. That’s not leecking, that’s leeping!

  5. Leeps du cheval! Et le chat extraordinaire!

  6. AWW 😀 The kitty has a horse friend 😀

  7. 260Oakley says:

    I believe the French term for having your hairdo ruined by a horse is “maul de mare”.

  8. tommygirl says:

    So sweet! I’ve seen a horse nip a cat before because they can’t really see what’s directly in front of them (the cat was ok). I’m relieved the horse seemed to know this kitty and was gentle 🙂

  9. linnerlu says:

    Hah! Oakley!

  10. jobinky1 says:

    Shame on you Oakley!!!

  11. jobinky1 says:

    tommygirl, you’ve seen catnip and you’ve seen a horse nip a cat – fabulous.

  12. This was just too cute. Horses noses are so velvelty too. …. and Oakley…you slay me. Quite honestly, besides coming to CO for the pics & videos….I come to see your comments.

  13. Where is the “interspecies snorgling”-tag?