CATURDAY: Actually, The Dog Did This

[O HAI yeah the dog did this, he messed these window things up, I wuz just trying to fix them when U SUDDENLY CAME HOME EARLY. No? Not buying it?]

From the Fantastic Cat Adventures Tumblr.



  1. Dog Lover says:

    Busted! 🙂

  2. Uh, no. Not buying it. But extra points for style and panache!

  3. That is exactly why I am not bothering to replace any blinds until the second before I move….

  4. Everything about this pic is just so…CAT.😄

  5. I love the classic kitteh look that says, “Hey look. You know you’re only gonna be mad at me for .oooo4th of a second. Why bother?”

  6. 😀

  7. Orangutang cat wuz here.

  8. I love how the cat’s all “Whats your damage”?

  9. 😆 Typical kitty being bad behaviour 😆

  10. sleekityin says:

    He’s just practising a bit of cat yoga – this known as the “Replacement Venetian” pose.