This Is Called “Pushing The Puppeh Envelope”

Mr. McGoatersons is gonna see JUST how far he can (literally) push the puppeh, to get a reaction.

From Triple V.



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  2. Waldenpond says:

    He’s all, “Nothing to see here, come on move along.”

  3. 260Oakley says:

    The defense offered a spiriited re-buttal.

  4. Goat: “I’m touching you! I’m touching you!” Dog: “If I just ignore him, maybe he’ll go away. . “

  5. This might be the craziest thing I’ve seen all week.

  6. Butt me no butts.

  7. “OK that’s just weird!”

  8. My face hurts from laughing. How many times is too many for watching this?

  9. 6rabbits says:

    Zen-like puppeh: 1
    Ineffectual, ticked-off goat: 0

  10. only an Airedale could exercise such self-control, lol! “Dood, chill out – I don’t even know you!”

  11. Brinke—The FB magical linky thing is borked again in Chrome… Page not found, blah, blah, yadda. But if you copy/paste the address (from the comments page, not the headline) it works. Have a nice weekend!

  12. The dog’s acting like “whatever I do, just don’t make eye contact! *ignore ignore ignore*”

  13. I love CO, but this wasn’t cute to me (I visit every day!). The goat’s behavior is related to mating. The males do it to females they want to mount. (Much of my childhood was on a farm. I’m not making this up!)

    [I don’t know about that. I think being cute can’t hurt a fellas chances! –Mod]

  14. sugarontheasphalt says:

    So that`s how they got their inspiration for the game “Goat Simulator”!

  15. But I was waiting for the reaction!

  16. lavren Beeh says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen sheep and goats do this while in season… He wants some nookie. Poor doggy.

  17. Mamabear says:

    This video depicts what most women have to go through at any bar or nightclub! “Hey, wanna get busy? Hey, wanna get busy? How bout now? How bout now? Now?…”

  18. sabrina rose says:

    Ha ha! Now that I know why the goat is doing this, it’s hilarious! And quite like a Friday night bar scene! The Airedale is playing the part of the icy blonde goddess – “Oh, do go away and stop bothering me. You smell like a goat!”

  19. lavren Beeh says:

    Tom Cruise trying to court whats her face in Top Gun!!! Aaaaaah ha ha ha!!! aaaaah!… sorry.

  20. lavren Beeh says:

    My bad! Heeeeeee heeee heh ha haha!!

  21. lavren Beeh says:

    You’ve Lost That Lovin, Feelin,!!!

  22. There is actually a game called Goat Simulator. Seriously, it is just like this only more so! The developers obviously know goats! I didn’t understand until now