“Frasier, Make Sure To ALWAYS Look Both Ways”

[Now, until you learn how to fly, you’re gonna have to walk. It pays to be extra careful! Once you do learn how to fly, the skies the limit.”

A baby sandhill crane with parents. From the Planet Earth Twitter, via Meg B.



  1. At first I was like “Frasier, that’s a silly name for a cr….” and then I LOL’d

  2. “Step lively now!”

  3. I never realized they were so tiny! (BTW, “Sky’s the limit”. You want the contraction, not the plural.)

  4. Dog Lover says:

    Frasier Crane. Took me a minute too. 😆

  5. @Dog Lover: ah, but look at the URL, Obi-Wan

  6. Smartypants says:

    Oh, good one! I didn’t get it til you said it.

  7. I hate to be depressing, but where ever I can say it I will, PLEASE, if you are in a place with Sand Hill Cranes like these and there are signs that say they are around, look very carefully and don’t get distracted while driving. If they are crossing the street, stop, and wait until they are safely across so the driver behind doesn’t hit them. I live in Florida and these birds are hit by cars constantly. I have seen it happen twice and saw another with a broken leg. It is heartbreaking to hear them crying for the mate for life when one is hit by a car. I know it ruins my day!

  8. JustAnotherHeather says:

    My father loved Sandhills. I live in an area where they fly overhead during migration. You can barely hear them and they fly so high that they don’t even look like birds overhead, more like flashing sequins.