Play Cat Scratch Fever, Man

Does Eddie Van Halen have this problem?

From The Squid.



  1. hahaha! love this! x

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Kitteh in his/her natural role of de-Fender of the realm. “Stop with the shredding, start with the petting.”

  3. he wants to play,.Scramble

  4. Sometimes your family is your worst critic. Your playing bites!

  5. A cat’s gonna do what a cat wants to do.

  6. AdrianaB says:

    Hahaha – “Push my face away, will you? *gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw*

  7. Clairdelune says:

    This kitty is a tough critic. The hoomin should try classical guitar music, or some fandango? It might be more to Kitty’s liking. 😀

  8. Prosh. ” I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!” And you call that music? Here’s my critique. *Chomp*

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    All the cats I’ve lived with just knocked crap off my desk until I gave them attention. I only got bit when I pet them *incorrectly.*

  10. Definitely “Men of Cuteoverload” calendar material.

  11. *bite, bite, bite* Wouldja jis stop moovin’ hoomin? You’s messin up my lap!

  12. Well, Sammy Hagar reference, if we wanna be teck-nichal….

  13. Sharon Wilson says:

    What kind of cat doesn’t run when it hears rock music??

  14. Typical Seal Point behavior. They know what they want and why shouldn’t they take it?

  15. Here’s another cute singer dealing with a cuter cat: Warning: lyrics NSFW and geeky.

  16. Janet in NYC says:


  17. ROFL! That´s great! I think he should take his kitty on stage with him, and all of us here from CO would go to his gigs, whether we like metal music or not. 😉

  18. 😆 The kitty is showing what he/she thinks of the guitar playing 😆

  19. That’s what you do when you go out with a musician!

  20. ashagato says:

    So funny! Exactly like mine when I’m on the laptop.

    And btw Tal, it’s Ted Nugent, not Sammy Hagar.