Botswana Bouncing Bebeh Meerkat Action!

Bebeh Meerkats.

A lot of them.

This fellow is Will Burrard-Lucas, and man does he ever get up close and personal with these little maniacs.


“Not my video but I just saw it today…”

“…and feel that the world is better off knowing this exists.”

“Plenty of Bebeh Fluff and Kat-On-Hoomin Interaction.” -Maggy N.



  1. So cute! And the meerkats aren’t bad either. : )

    It’s definitely worth taking a look at his photos:

  2. Based on this and the other meerkat photographers, I’m beginning to think they do central casting for these guys.

  3. MMM, another calendar guy. The meerkats totally cracked me up.

  4. I’ll bet the meerkats are like: “Hey check this out – you can see for MILES up here!”

  5. Perhaps a certain kind of guy is attracted to meerkat photography? 😉 At any rate, the tiny squeak right at the very end melted my head!!

  6. Ellen W. says:

    It’s one of the Beetle-Cam guys!

  7. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    Wait – was there a meerkat in those photos? Sorry, was kind of distracted there…

  8. omg. That lens is bigger than the guy’s head! Good lord I can’t imagine how heavy that thing must be!

  9. gretelhallett says:

    Like many of you, I was torn between watching the cute guy and watching the cute meerkats! When oh when is the Men of CO calendar coming out – do we really have to beg?!

  10. Moonstar, I was thinking the same thing! And then the meercat sitting on it too, I would have dropped it, hahah.

  11. Killer Klown says:

    “Hmm. The tribe has decided to accept you as one of us. You may stay.”

    “… by the by, you have diaper duty at 8. Wear boots.”

  12. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Hehe, it appears they will stand guard from the top of whatever the tallest thing around is.

  13. In these tough economic times, sometimes you just have to suck up your pride and hire yourself out as meerkat furniture.

  14. marthava says:

    In complete agreement. The world is now a better place.

  15. We’ve begged so long for the ‘Men of CO’ calendar–I’m beginning to despair. (But I did learn something today: meerkats are smaller than I realized.)

  16. 😆 I remember watching a show about meerkats and how they used the humans filming them as shade and lookouts 😆

  17. Their little squeaks nearly triggered a fit! A sort of crazed meerkat grabby-kissy fit. Felt a bit faint.

  18. Peanutcat says:

    I really miss Meercat Manor . . . . .

  19. 6rabbits says:

    Me too, Peanutcat! 🙂
    I don’t know how I am going to function the rest of the day after seeing this! Meerkat pics are cute, but Meerkat videos are awesome!! I love how the babies squawk at the adult who tries to interfere with their camera investigation! Too adorable!! (And here’s another plea for the MOCO calendar, plus anything else we’ve been begging for forever!)