Both of these critters seem fairly new to the world, but they’ve already got that friendship thing down paw pat.

Kaz The Small Hoomin + Oscar The Foster Kitteh, from Baranduyn N.



  1. The whole time I was cringing in fear that the baby was going to grab/twist/smack that little kitten in some way to harm it. UGH…

  2. Little babies with minimal motor control doesn’t really mix well with pets, in my opinion.

  3. murkle46 says:

    Lets hear it for the adult,who was responsible enough to monitor and keep the interaction safe for both the baby AND the little kitty!Too many vids of the exact opposite sort show up on the net.

  4. Exactly, murkle46! Mom was awesome and they were an adorable pair.

  5. murkle46 says:

  6. murkle46 says:

    Speaking of adorable pairs.

  7. Actually that’s Grandma keeping things under control there. Kimberley has fostered who knows how many kittens. Kaz has been trained in the Tao of Kittenness since he arrived.

  8. collar of shame already? precocious.

  9. Idiot mom. Two babies who don’t know how to moderate their interaction. I’m with KK3 and Nina H!

    [Hmmmm… and now here I am moderating your interactions! Please mind your manners. –Sharpy, your friendly Moderator]

  10. Stressfactor says:

    Jill, I love “the Tao of Kittenness” and bless Kimberley for her foster work — helping kittehs adjust while waiting on fur-ever homes. I imagine Kaz helps in that as well — helping to make sure the kittehs can handle homes with young children so the kittehs get the best homes possible!

  11. “Idiot mom” ??? That comment take the nuffer cake! baby and kitty are both learning with grandma’s patient guidance.

  12. Meliss, it’s fine if you don’t agree that babies and kittens should mix at this stage, but there’s no need for name calling here. Head elsewhere if you want to be rude.

    Cute baby, cute kitty, watchful grandma. Thumbs up. 🙂

  13. Stressfactor says:

    And check out the other vids on the feed! Kaz has a LOT of kitteh friends and it’s all so adorbs I think my head may asplode!

  14. That was too stinkin’ adorable!

  15. I think she did a good job of making sure nether baby got too rough with the other.

  16. Mikeyfur says:

    I’ll take baby cats over human babies any day, but this was the best kittie/baby video ever. Grandma does a perfect job of monitoring the interaction and keeping both wee ones safe and enjoying the play time. I agree it’s a perfect situation to teach foster cats how to interact with children when they go to their new homes.

  17. Athena's mom says:

    The amazing part of this is how the kitteh KNOWS he’s dealing with a motor-skill-challenged baby and is being so gentles!!! What a sweet kitty. Animals seem to just know. Example: My young Arabian mare did something to herself (ran into something, we think) and was in pain. I had her out to examine her with my trainer, whose toddler was there. My trainer picked up the toddler, who LOVE horses, and my mare carefully sniffed her and allowed her to clumsily pat her nose, even though she herself was in discomfort. Oscar is a kind boy, similar to my sweet Ruby!

  18. twocityshibas says:

    Yes, grandma, they are goofy babies. Very cute goofy babies.

  19. 6rabbits says:

    Kittehs set off my cute-o-meter more than babies, but I gotta admit this was too precious! Once the kitteh had grabbed onto the baby’s hand, there was a moment when open-mouthed baby looked like he was trying to grab the kitteh’s paw to return the favor! 😀 (Best example of a controlled setting for baby/kitteh action I’ve seen in a while!)

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    My bebeh smiled to see kittens playing in the pet store until one playfully swatted his hand and got him crying. Definitely better monitor those two!

  21. Look like Grandma taking this video was watching both the baby, Kaz, and the boy kitty, Oscar, to make sure they did not hurt each other by accident.

  22. Martha K says:

    I’m amazed at the baby’s resilience. A cat’s tongue and claws are nothing to sniff at!

  23. I so don´t dig babies at all, never have, never will, but this…. is just adorabuhls. He´ll grow up to be a fantastic pet parent one day. 🙂

  24. Andi in NC says:

    I thought this was super cute – grandma had things well under control – both babies were super gentle – so sweeeet!

  25. Grandma Kimberly here. I wouldn’t subject either my beloved grandson, or my precious foster kittens to a situation which wasn’t good for everyone concerned. This batch of kittens is very good about not using their claws, in general, and actually extra-good with the baby! (Plus, I clip them on a regular basis – they’re pretty blunt.)

    And the baby is gentle within the limits of what these specific kittens want to tolerate. It’s patently obvious that when Oscar grabs his hand to mock-disembowel the baby’s hand, he isn’t hurting him. Kaz hardly notices it!

    They all seek each other out when he’s visiting, and we make sure they get as much supervised time as they all want. Kitties are never held from running away, and as you can see, it’s well monitored. Kids and pets are a fabulous combination, and just require a little bit of intelligence about how one goes about it.

    Like someone said, if you look at some of the other videos, you’ll see that the kitties and Kaz really do love one another, and it’s not just Oscar (who will be going to his forever home/gets adopted tomorrow!)

    Anyway, thank you to those who noticed that this wasn’t some stupid negligent baby and cat situation, and said so. I appreciate it 🙂

  26. Baby kitty was so patient and loving toward hoomin baby…
    Delightful pair indeed…