Vancouver BC PD Needs Your Help!

(Well, actually, they need the help of elementary school kids in Vancouver. Which, ah, narrows down the audience of this post considerably. But it’s a Cute Video, so what the heck, eh?)

From Connie C.



  1. Hello! Firts names what came into my mind were Blacky and Green (because his (hers) green ear) :):) With greetings from Estonia (north-europe)

  2. What’s with the green ears? I’ve never seen such a thing. Cute pups and cute cop!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    I wondered about the green ears too. Is that a Canadian thing? 😆

  4. Those are greenhorns.

  5. How about Frodo and Bilbo

  6. marthava says:

    Such an adorabuhls way to begin my Tuesday…particularly the yodeling! Thanks, CO!

  7. First, the green ear is likely due to veggie dye to distinguish him from his similarly-coated litter mates. And I giggle that this post was tagged “Great White North”… that applies to the rest of Canada, perhaps, but not in Vancouver. Here it snows approximately twice a year and stays for no more than a few days. Greener than Seattle (hard to believe), we’ve got milder weather. 🙂

  8. ZOMG puppies!!! So fierce and darling….good luck, cadets!

  9. Adorable puppies! I’d love to see all the names 😉

  10. If you look closely the black puppeh has a blue ear! Maybe these pups are too rough’n tumble for the usual different color little ric rac strings, eh? The music is the best.

  11. The company I work for prints the VPD Dog Squad “Trading Cards”! We’ve gotten to meet a couple of the full grown (and very well trained) dogs. Cutie puppies! Welcome to the team!

  12. Siren

  13. Every puppy from this breeder (Sunshadows Working Dogs) is tattooed in their left ear for identification purposes. The residue from the green dye will quickly wear off. Not a Canadian thing 🙂

  14. M. Frenette says:

    I vote for Sgt. ButtSniffer

  15. Kristin says:

    Floppy puppy ears! One of my favorite things in the world!

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    May I mention that Canada is not the only one with a Vancouver. We have one here in the USA also (and it was settled first.) Should we assume that any “Vancouver” is therefore, “Canadian”? I think not! 😀 As for the puppies, well they are adorable in any language!

  17. says:

    Mary, though it’s not stated in the video – the emblem at the beginning of the video is from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I live in Seattle (the other Washington) half way between the two Vancouvers.

  18. @Chelle Fritter, I know what you mean about the snow 🙂 I live in Coquitlam 🙂

  19. @Mary (the first), yeah we have to say either Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada or Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A. every time we say “Vancouver” 🙂 What gets me in the American News Broadcasts, the reporters will say “Vancouver, Canada” and not mention which Province it is in 😦 It is the same for other Canadian cities 😦

  20. Jimbeaux says:

    @Simulflow- you have trading cards?! Is there some way for a United-Statesian to get a hold of those?

  21. @mmetzholland That is the VPD emblem, not the RCMP’s which features a buffalo

  22. Bob and Doug McKenzie

    Or maybe Bark and Dog McKennelzie!