Stella, Those Work Best With Water IN ‘Em

However, since there is no H20 to be found, Stella decides to beat the crap outta the pool instead.

“Here is a link to a video of our bulldog Stella throwing a fit when her pool is empty. She was featured on Cute Overload when she was a baby. The video was from this afternoon: Stella’s Daddy is on his way home with a new and sturdier one right now! The old one has been is just getting warm enough here for her to swim.” -Stacy M.



  1. My GSD will drag them around and attack them if they’re empty. She feels Stella’s frustration!

  2. Oh no, we’re not spoiled

  3. whawhawhatsis says:

    Clearly the human servants were not properly responsive to Stella’s demands for water in her pool. Like it’s ever too cold for a pup to enjoy a nice swim! Silly hoomins!

  4. I love that she still shakes off, even though she’s not wet. Because that’s what you DO, people!