A Post O’ Firsts

You’d think C.O. has featured just about every Cute Creature there is, right? Not so, according to Cuteporter Joey. In his her first ever submission, he she writes: “A Coatimundi from my first trip to Mexico. So friendly…I could walk up and pet them. Couldn’t find other ones on your site.”

Joey’s totally correct. Joey, we bow to your greatness.


UPDATE! Commenter Simon pointed out that maybe the results would be less wrong more accurate if we searched for “Coati.” Sure enough!






  1. You might try searching for “coati” instead; you’ll find a few more that way. :3

  2. SharonK1973 says:

    Had these as pets in Belize. So much fun. If you give them something fragrant they rub it onto their tails! Love their little heads and ears!!!! And squeaks!!

  3. Cynthia M says:

    OMG! How precious. I would love to pet one!

  4. would i be dating myself if i said i remember when jim fowler and joan embry brought a coatimundi on the tonight show with johnny carson, and would i get a kiss goodnight?

  5. sabrina rose says:

    These are darling little folks! When he stands on his hind legs, it looks like he’s wearing a tee shirt. What sweeties they are, and how interesting that they like rubbing fragrances onto their tails. They must like to be dainty and fresh!

  6. Veeeery cute, saw some of these guys in Costa Rica. I feel obliged to say, though, don’t pet them! They have wickedly sharp teeth and claws and can really hurt you!

  7. You can also call these little guys by the name “quash.” That’s what they called them in Belize when I was there in 2005, and it turns up a good amount of google results.

  8. Zeki, I saw them in Costa Rica also – in Arenal. They LOVE bananas!!!

  9. Who knew.

  10. Yay! My submission! Ps that’s me in the picture. Joey is short for Josephine. Lol. These were in a resort in riviera maya Mexico. They were super tame. But scavengers. They would follow you waiting for food. I always had food.

  11. @Joey—-updated the text 4 U

  12. I love coatis too!!! Any chance the resort was catalonia royal tulum? We were there last year and thoroughly enjoyed the masses of coatis. As well as the resort cat that ruled the place as well.