Everybuddy Wuz Cat-Fu Fighting

You want some of this? Some of THIS? COME AND GET IT!




  1. I would be ok with her toebeans flying into my face. *smoochies*

  2. Oh my goodness. What a beauty. And fun to play with on top of it! May I come play at your house?

  3. Had a cat that the room mate and I would sit across the room from each other and toss high a tin foil ball between us. The flips that cat was capable of were amazing! I bet this beauty has similar skills!

  4. pinkmariposas says:

    pretty girl and fierce! ❤

  5. so then i was all like…little friskies style! scratching post style! ball…of…YARN STYLE!

  6. Saffron says:


  7. 260Oakley says:

    Obviously trained in the Meowlin Temple style

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Awesome shot. How the heck did you get it?

  9. A prime example of the extremely rare, highly sought after Tortie belt. The most ferocious of them all. Always female.

  10. Miss Piggy, eat your heart out. HIIIII-YA!

  11. Dog Lover says:

    Goofball. Or is that a redundancy when it comes to cats? 🙂

  12. 😆 Karate Kitty is coming for you 😆

  13. Clairdelune says:

    Pretty kitty, what you are is a lovable, slightly deranged calico. Loff your moves!!

  14. victoreia says:

    Oakley wins again!

  15. Obviously a “calico” belt. 😉

  16. “Your Tiger claw style is no match for my Kitten Paw Kung Fu”