Pronking Springbok

Not too sure what that means…so let’s go to The WikipediaTubes.

Stotting (also pronking or pronging) is a behavior of quadrupeds, particularly gazelles, in which they spring into the air, lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously. Usually, the legs are held in a relatively stiff position and the back may be arched with the head pointing downward. Many explanations of stotting have been proposed; there is evidence that at least in some cases it is an honest signal to predators that the stotting animal is not worth pursuing.

That settles that. Now let’s see some stotting pronking pronging bouncing action!

From Catherine G.



  1. Pronk!

    (Years ago, at the Discworld Convention, I met math-and-science writer Ian Stewart, and as far as I can recall, my entire conversation with him was:

    “In one of your books, you mentioned a one-beat animal gait, and I cannot remember what it was called.”
    “Oh, yes! Pronk.”
    “Thaaaat’s right! Heehee. Pronk.”)

  2. I thought “sproinging” was the preferred CO term?

  3. Sure, it may be to discourage predators. But let’s face it: anyone who CAN sproing surely WOULD, just for the sheer fun of it.

  4. @Juno: I agree- but ‘Pronking’ sounds so- well, it sounds Aussie to me, mate.

  5. Is… Is that what a pogo stick looks like in its natural habitat?

  6. Jean-Marie Cannon says:

    Clearly there is an officlal, academic term for this behavior. But all I can hear while watching this is “boing, boing, boing!!”

  7. I think it’s trying to freak any predator out by acting *crazy*. You know, that wild, ranting person in the street that everyone goes around in a wide berth…

  8. Ah, but gryt, the crazy person on the street attracts predators. I think the sproinging is a message to the predators that “I’m strong and healthy and fast, with energy to burn! You wouldn’t want to chase ME–go after one of my slow, lazy brothers over there. Yeah, the one who’s been getting on my nerves. He won’t give you any trouble at all.”

  9. More like “pronking SPROINGboks”…amiright??

  10. Yup, there goes Jeffrey eating those wild mushrooms again!

  11. onionpencil says:

    llamas and alpacas give pretty good pronks too, if you need MOAR cute!

  12. Mikeyfur says:

    Looks like pure joy to me.

  13. JenDeyan says:

    So basically pronking is the animal of saying “Nah, nah, na, boo, boo, You. Can’t. Get. Me!”

  14. 6rabbits says:

    @ Jean-Marie Cannon: not only do I _hear_ “boing, boing, boing” I’m nearly compelled to SAY “boing…boing…boing…” etc.😋

  15. A neurobiologist friend of mine says pronking happens when a critter has successfully evaded prey! Pure joy and relief, using up all of the adrenaline generated by defensive maneuvers. This is why animals in the wild don’t get PTSD! Hey, us peeps do it too!

  16. @Alden

    That may explain dogs after being toweled off!