Friday Haiku: Nemo

‘Scuse me, thin green guy
Have you seen my son Nemo
He was in a film




  1. wiggle, wiggle worm
    peaking out from the sea floor
    meeting a new friend.

    there I made one LOL! Hmmm there was no seasonal reference does it still count.

  2. So let them say your neck’s too long
    I don’t care
    With you I can’t go wrong

  3. kiragirl says:

    sea-sonal see snake
    Can I color you blue-green?
    Or, aquamarine?

  4. @Sneza

    That’s absolutely brilliant!

  5. Kira brilliant!

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Maybe Nemo ended up in a tank somewhere with the fish handler.

  7. onionpencil says:

    cute, sneza. poor fishy, though, people thing it’s a worm or a snake 8D