THIS JUST IN: Crazy Time

Couldn’t think of a better headline for the one and only Simon’s Cat.



  1. Well, yes. But. Usually this happens at 3 in the morning, when all you want to do is sleep.

  2. dgerish says:

    Multiply this by 7, and you’re looking at my house. And Puppi is completely right.

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    Gallop, gallop, gallop! 🙂

  4. Stressfactor says:

    I had a friend’s cat that would do something like this. Only that cat did it at all hours of the day randomly. I used to joke it was ‘chasing ghosts’.

  5. Ms. Squeaks still does this at the grand old age of 18. I call it the zoomies. She zooms here, zooms there and seems completely crazy. And yes, she loves to do it in the middle of the night. One of her zoom paths is over me.

  6. Forget the calendar. At my house this behavior is the first sign of spring.

  7. mnphouka says:

    called kitty rodeo here! love this. even blind Munch gets crazy and will from time to time into the wall, bookcase, legs….Tayler just wants to be chased!

  8. MsMollyD says:

    What Simon forgot to illustrate is that this usually ends (or begins) with a giant dump in the litterbox.

  9. Athos' slave says:

    Around our house, it is called “Spaz Cat Mode” and starts by sniffing the miniblind in the kitchen.

  10. Kari Callin says:

    Yep, but at 11pm, on the dot, almost every night. Ah, cats. LOLOL

  11. As MsMollyD said, mine does this immediately following what must be a great poop.

  12. Why is this only just for cats? We humans should be entitled to have some crazy time too! What a great stress reliever that would be

  13. We have always called it “a case of the zooms”. As a man owned by four cats, it makes sense that Simon would know how they behave, but his ability to make entertaining cartoons out of that is _amazing_.

  14. You’re alone… except for the cat… the dozing cat that suddenly wakes! Stares at the ceiling! Glances out the window! You hear nothing. See nothing. But in your heart of hearts you know… that the cat knows. There is something out there and it can only be…Terror.

  15. Yes our cats do this at intervals too – usually chasing each other, which is very funny as well as very destructive. I love the way Simon just picks the fruit bowl (and later his feet) up out of the cat’s way without even looking!

  16. Lisa marie says:

    We call it the ‘rain dance’ in the Caribbean,you could time any outdoor activity by this behavior.The cats were seldom wrong!

  17. We love it when our cats get silly like this.

  18. I concur with MsMollyD – usually this occurs before a visit to the litterbox, not after, but Simon is spot-on. Cat goes crazy, cat goes poopy, cat glares at mom for no reason, mom lights a candle. The only thing wrong with this cartoon is the sound the kitty makes – my cat sounds absolutely possessed during Crazy Hour, not nearly so sweet!

  19. I often get text messages from my next door neighbour asking if I’m ok or if I’ve fallen down the stairs, because she’s heard lots of thumping sounds of my tiny kitty zooming around the house!!

  20. @KT 😆 You should videotape your dear sweet tiny kitty zooming around the house to show your next door neighbor 😆

  21. 😆 The usual “Kitty/Kitties Going Crazy” activity that either occurs at night or during the day 😆

  22. Prokofiev would totally approve of the Simon’s Cat clarinet theme music.