What is Up With Cats and Yarn?!

Once upon a time not so long ago we squeed for I love this thread so much. The only way it could be any better would be to knit together a whole string of ’em!

“Hello, Please consider publishing this cute video compilation of cats playing with yarn. Best regards, Vladimir.” Via YarnTube



  1. I need to buy a ball of yarn for my kitties STAT.

  2. 😆 What is it about yarn that drives kitties crazy 😆

  3. Natural fibers and String Theory. For cats–irresistible!

  4. 2:47 *minutes*! I could watch this for 2:47 *years*! 😀
    And the grey tabby kitten at 0:52 mins stole my soul…. the cutest!

  5. whawhawhatsis says:

    That was all lovely except I nearly died at the person letting the cat play with their lovely rainbow Mini Mochi! Give the kitty cheap acrylic, please, not your good yarn!

    – whawhawhatsis, a.k.a. The Knitter

  6. HeyWattsUp says:

    I thought the same thing whawhawhatsis! I love my cats, but I wouldn’t let them play with the good stuff.

  7. dgerish says:

    I too am a knitter (and handspinner) so the combo of horror and adorable was intoxicating. Plus two of those kitties (or the same one twice) looked just like my sadly-missed Madeleine, who died over a year ago but still lives in my heart.

    Not only *could* I watch this all day, I *DO* watch this all day–okay all evening.

  8. My daughter lost a beautiful boy to a bowel obstruction caused by string he ate. Please please supervise your babies when they play with yarn.