Let There Be Cat

And God created Dog in His image, only backwards, and gave Dog dominion over the trees and hydrants. And Dog saw he was alone, and whimpered pitifully.

And thus did the Lord take a bone from Dog, even though he was still chewing it, and from it created Cat. And He spake into Dog, saying “Behold, I give thee Cat, to serve as companion and helpmate to thee.”

And Cat said “Whoa, screw that noise, pappy. I ain’t taking orders from nobody, let alone Captain Mange, here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta take a nap before bedtime.”




  1. 260Oakley says:

    From the ceiling of the Hisstine Chapel

  2. phred's mom says:

    “Pull my toebean, whydontcha”

  3. Somebody is gonna burn in Swell for that one…but you won’t be alone. 😉

  4. Madame X says:

    Only one issue with your creation tale there, NTMTOM (if that is really your name…); everyone knows cats are boneless, and that, in fact, they are a rare element, consisting principally of fur and hiss, which at all times appears to be solid but often behaves like a liquid, when it is not behaving like a spoiled brat or the devil incarnate.

  5. I just figured Cat made the world and populated it with creatures designed to cater to their every whim. Guess I was wrong. 😀

  6. sabrina rose says:


  7. Hahahahaha!! I hear the devil warming up his handbasket as we speak. :mrgreen: (Not sure if that smiley still works or not, Hmm…)

  8. Clairdelune says:

    Thanks NTMTOM, I needed a good belly laugh!!!

  9. J Mathews says:

    NTMTOM you are the best.

  10. Melissa Moore says:

    I think this is hysterical!

  11. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    Guess there’s a reason the word ‘cater’ has C-A-T in it…

  12. Do you have any idea how offensive this would be to cats? Create from a dogs rib?

  13. OMG! I laughed so loud that I’m pretty sure my neighbors are complaining to the landlord right now.

  14. 260, wasn’t there a movie, starring Charlton Hisston, about that?

  15. 😆 That is kitties for you 😆 They rule over us 😆

  16. benvolio says:

    Cue the music…

    And then… there was Cat. And it was good.

  17. I am finally handing teh Interwebs to Oakley and going home. And switching the light off as I leave.

  18. dolphin815 says:

    Dear NTMTOM,

    I love you.

    That is all.

  19. Emmberrann says:

    Lol@Mme. X. NTMTOM, you know how I feel about you. Your mom must be very proud of you. If I were, I know I would be. 😉

  20. Gorgeous picture and the text made me laugh until I read “Captian Mange” which is no joke and a miserable state to be in for any animal. Words matter.