Butter Icing, Anyone?

“Her name is Butter Icing, and she’s the most pregnant goat in the world and she will whup your BUTT in a staring contest. I think I’ve watched this video eleventy-gagillion times so far.” -Marla C.



  1. AdrianaB says:

    She looks like a head of garlic! I hope her babies come soon.

  2. Rebecca says:

    She looks like me when I chew gum!

  3. Sweet little mama, and Zac Brown in the background. Love!

  4. edmundh says:

    There better be a follow-up video showing her kids!

  5. Jendeyan says:

    Good heavens! She’s giving birth to a whole herd.

  6. I agree with edmundh. There better be a followup with her babies. Got to be twins at least, maybe triplets.

  7. BLINK GOAT !!

  8. This must be the video of Pygora and her twins. Very sweet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEY9yP9tYNA

  9. Sorry wrong baby goats. The twins are Jammies and not Butter icing.

  10. If I were that pregnant I’d be afraid to move too. Not that she has much choice in that tiny pen.

  11. HeyWattsUp says:

    I love when she stops in the middle and sighs.

  12. @Magali .. I’m think your half right .. both from the same poster

  13. DogEared says:

    I’m with you rhea3….how CAN she move..? good luck Big Mama 🙂

  14. Ouch.

  15. That goat may not be pregnant. It is natural for some breeds of goats to build up and trap gas inside them each time they have babies. She has probably had many babies before. So even though she could be pregnant she is about three times larger than a first time mother goat with twins or even triplets. I work at a zoo with goats and one of the oldest ones there is about the same size and even after she gives birth she is the same size year around.

  16. LOVE her!

  17. Yeah, I still say she has quadruples in there… She looks content though!
    (I too loff the pause in chewing in the middle. :))

  18. It’s a she and she has a beard..hmm…..(yes, I know she’s a goat)

  19. She’s pregnant. I browsed the uploader’s videos and it looks as if all of their goats have twins. Butter icing’s gonna have some big twins. Biiiiiigggggg twinsies. Holy spumoni, that’s one pregnant goat.

  20. Susan M. says:

    This is a bit overwhelming to take a gander at! She seems to be pretty calm, though. hope we see the twins after they are born!

  21. lavren Beeh says:

    I grew up around animals…. I think she is carrying 4!!! Not the norm. I’ve seen animals pop from gas… really sad. Hope she is okay…

  22. lavren Beeh says:

    Yep! Lost the staring contest….. boo!

  23. kpl11464 says:

    Kinda funny that “Chicken Fried” is playing in the background. At a farm. Hee hee hee

  24. As of April 2nd, she “Still Waiting” .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbKNjXlpT5g Poor moma .. That’s one big load of kids