Dude, Where’s My Treat? (Part II)

Back by pupular demand, we get part II in this series by Jose Ahonen! (Here’s Part I if you missed it.)

From T.O.



  1. Kari Callin says:

    This is wonderful! I especially love the couple of dogs who look around for a brief second, then stare at the guy with this stern look of “Dude, seriously. Where’s the biscuit?” LOL

  2. that last puppeh was righteously mad!

  3. They deserve 2 treats for that. Very funny

  4. This was even funnier than the first one. My students will hopefully love it tomorrow!

  5. I would like to ask on behalf of bewildered doggehs and hoomins everywhere: So where’s the treat?
    I’ve always thought this trick was an up-the-sleeve job, but obviously not, ‘cos otherwise the doggeh’s would smell it.
    Tell me, goddamn it! Tell me!

  6. JonBuck says:

    Some of those dogs wagged their tails and licked like. “Oh, I get it. Really funny. I still like you anyway.”

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    @Vanessa Bennett
    I think maybe they’re going waaaaay up the sleave, with elastic mounted on his torso somewhere.

  8. Vvery mean. Didn’t think it was one bit funny. I’m very surprised at cute Overload. Very disappointed they would like this is comical..

  9. Copperbat says:

    I had dogs for decades, and one of the things I was really surprised to learn from living with them is that they have a well-developed sense of humor. They love teasing each other and us as much as we do to them. Animals even play tricks and jokes on each other without human input. I promise you dogs know it’s play, and they totally get that it’s supposed to be funny. It’s even obvious from the videos that most of the dogs were thoroughly entertained by the trick, even though they were the butt of the joke – something humans could learn from dogs.

  10. I’m with Joan. How is it funny to take advantage of those who trust us. There are people we call gullible but these are honest souls who expect to be treated fairly. Where is the humor in hurting them? A joke is fine amongst those who expect to be cheated.

  11. As they noted in the Youtube description for both this video and the first, the dogs all got treats before and after this trick was played on them. No dogs were psychologically scarred in the making of this film.

  12. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    Tuutikki…that face!!!

    And for those of you saying it’s mean, the dogs got treats before and after…and obviously got scritches, too!

  13. These dogs are so darn cute! I love the ones that are in on the joke, but the ones that totally kill me are the ones who stare at him like “Wha? Where’s?– Why is this?– Help!”

  14. edmundh says:

    I am actually surprised that the dogs with their super keen sense of smell did not find out where the treat was hidden. He must be a really good magician.

    And Tuutikki’s look @ 1:04!!

  15. wordphreak says:

    Haha! Don’t mess with the Doberman!

  16. dolphin815 says:

    Yeah, I used to do something like that with my dogs all the time. The difference is I would actually GIVE them the treat in the end. Teasing them with it and then not giving them the treat is just mean.