Bloomin’ Luvly

I say, there is nothing like being a squirrel in London in the spring. Simply smashing.

London Squirrel via Facebook.



  1. Mrs. Norris says:

    Jolly good show! Brilliant!

  2. Dug: I say old man .. SQUIRREL !!

  3. I keep resisting the urge to draw/ ‘shop in a tiny pocket watch in the paw curled to his chest.

  4. Well I feel like I’m in a Beatrix Potter story.

  5. ambroseanthonythompson says:

    Excuse me but was that your acorn you carelessly dropped on my post?

  6. I used to work right near St James Park and Green Park and I would walk there after work to feed the squirrels and birds. The squirrels will take nuts out of your hands and rest their little paws on your fingers. I used to share my nuts with people so they could have a go too. I saw one man slowly walking on a path around a lake with two wood pigeons nestled on his arms : ) I assume they were just enjoying a leisurely stroll together.