Who’s The Boss?

I gotta think it’s the furry little fellow hanging out of that guy’s T-shirt.




  1. Shelley says:

    Looks like we have a new category … “Pups ‘n Pecks” ?

  2. mydogpetey says:

    “Pups in Celebrity Pecks” !

  3. BulldogMommy13 says:

    That’s luicky pup. Front row seat to see Springsteen? Wow!

  4. BulldogMommy13 says:

    oops,I meant “lucky. Not enough coffee yet….

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Baby dog hanging off Bruce’s chest? Looks like he was Bjorn to run.

  6. (hits imaginary “like” button on Shelley’s post)

    (also “likes” portmanteau of “lucky” and “licky” in BulldogMommy13’s post)

    (lets computer take care of long-enabled auto-“like” of 260Oakley’s posts)

  7. Saffron says:

    260Oakley WINS at the interwebs!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I did not even notice that was Springsteen at first…to distracted by the qte pupperson.

  8. I had the same reaction as Saffron–Bruce? Really?

  9. catvicc4r says:

    Reminds me of Total Recall when Kuato pops out of that guy’s chest. Only way cuter!

  10. Teresa in TN says:

    I was so captivated by spying a Westie puppy that I didn’t even recognize the famous face accompanying the dog.

  11. Starfish says:

    So would the fact that puppers is hiding in Bruce’s shirt make him the Undercover Boss?

    Also,nice stealth URL.

  12. I love the idea of Bruuuuuuuuce and that adorable little doglet hanging out on the couch together, watching House of Cards or sumthin’. (Amish Mafia?)

  13. OMG. They should actually *make* t-shirts like this! Not just with pups, but a selection of all the other fuzzy animals out there… I would so buy a kitty one. 🙂

  14. mplsdeb says:

    The boss is aging well. Adorable pic. Who would’ve thought he was such a warm/fuzzy.