Kaikki Adorbs*

People, you must stop what you’re doing and watch this. Here’s this dude living in Finland, lotsa your standard snow and ice and, um, AN OTTER LIVING IN HIS FRONT YARD. There’s a little hole in the ice snow ground and Iivari The Otter just pops right up.

*Totes Adorbs in Finnish. Sent in by Janne K., who says “What happens in the video is not commonplace in Finland.” Yeah, well I still wanna go there.



  1. It’s Iivari, not Livari. 😛

  2. Otterpop.

  3. Is that Finnish lembas bread that he gives to Iivari in the house? 😉

  4. mauderules says:

    I thought it was frozen fish. I wish I had an otter in my back yard. I live on a tributary of the Hudson, but all I get are ducks and floods.

  5. I miss home now… terribly… and the leetle beg the otter cries out in the end was worth every bit of waiting for it.

  6. The icicles on otter-whiskers nearly killt me, then I saw his little pink tongue. kerthunk.

    Umm, was it just me, or was the otter looking a little Maru-esque in girth?

  7. I felt like I was transported into a Bob Ross painting — soothing voice, happy snow, and happy otters.

  8. Men of CO candidate for sure!

  9. I’ll just leave this here . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN2ZJBh92SM

  10. I think that very well may be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! And how’s *that* for a front yard?!

  11. stunbunny says:

    If I read that otter correctly (and I think I do), the look at 1:51 sez –

    “You COULD thaw these things out y’know. And would it kill ya to whip up some fresh tartar sauce? Also, a lemon wedge and some fries wouldn’t go amiss.”

  12. How can this be? A MP funny I’ve never heard?! It’s awesome!

  13. twocityshibas says:

    Packing my bags (& dogs), heading for the nearest port with a one way ticket to Finland!

  14. Why is he feeding him fish that’s frozen? Or is that the equivalent of an otter ice lolly?

  15. The advertising bar is looking pretty cheesy there. “80% discount on apple products” “10 things you didn’t know about cruise lines”. Any way the garbage can be cleaned out of that?

  16. murkle46 says:

    At 6:40 its give the damn fish already.

  17. Rixraxmarie says:

    Who knew otters’ noises sound like air being forced out of a balloon?

  18. Otters really are just big ol’ sea-kitties!!

  19. That tongue and frosty whiskers at 1:52 just killed me.

    What is it about old Scandavian guys that make them all sound like Max von Sydow. This guy sounds like he’s narrating a Bergman film about the futility of life in the bleached world of winter.

    Half expect him to start rambling about wild strawberries and a chess date with that tall guy with the big scythe.

  20. That’s a lot of Lutefisk!

  21. Otter was calling the waaaahmbulance when he couldn’t get the fish right away.

  22. @Kar: It’s that brooding Scandinavian thing. 😉

    SO many things about this video, omg… The winter wonderland, those otter squealies at the end (like a little party trumpet!), the awesome woodwork of the man’s furniture (wow!), the sound of silence and water and creaking snow, the beautiful friendship between man and ottère…

  23. @Kar

    As an old Scandinavian guy I resemble that remark. 👿

  24. Is that a Ronco Pocket Fisherman? His front steps seem to be only a couple feet from the water.

    The little beady eyes and pink tongue! Adorable!

  25. Susan M. says:

    This is THE best post in the history of cuteoverload! And THAT, my lovers of cuteness, is saying something! I got a contact high, just watching it!

  26. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’d love to visit Finland some day, even though everything I know about the country I’ve learned from Folk Metal.

  27. Dog Lover says:

    I just checked to be sure and it’s official: there are no otters in my front yard. 😦

  28. Sharon Wilson says:

    I noticed the otter keeps his distance and never lets himself get petted; definitely a wild animal!

  29. Metsasuomalainen says:

    Finland is NOT Scandinavia. Finland is republic of Finno-Ugrics fought free of Swedish and Russian dominant. Scandinavia is different Nords. Finns don’t make movies about afraid of death. Finns make movies about spit at death while kicking its dangle parts. Soft Swedes fret about death, waah waah. Swedes made ABBA. Finns make death metal, even heavy metal groups for the kiddys. Google Hevisaurus and Pikku-Orava. For Finns a friend who is otter, into house, is normal though not often. Animal friend behavior got Finns named as witches by Swedish church. Environment is important to Finnish forest people. I love Iivari outsides frozen fish to eat. Nom! Mine englanti/english melty, sorry.

  30. Yeah and also Finnish and Hungarian are in a Mexican knife fight as the last two languages related only to each other! Bad ass!

  31. Actually there’s a wide selection of Fenno-Ugrian languages, e.g. Estonian, Carelian (very close to Finnish), Sami languages, Mari… The only two languages related only to each other are probably Cat and Otter (“feed me fish, now”).

    As to what Finns are, when I look around I’m pretty sure we’re not the kind of folk metal inspired fantasy people as described in an earlier post… But we’re sort of cute – and we have a generous supply fluffy animals around us.

  32. I want NTMTOM to provide pretend-subtitling. Puh-leaze?!?!??!?