I’m Working on a Really Big Hairball…

… can I eat some of your hair?



  1. wuyizidi says:
  2. Coo hwhip? YOU’RE EATING HAIR!

  3. Oh that’s too funny!!

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I had to watch a zillion times before I spotted the hooked paw that grabs hair before the bite. Before that I wasn’t sure this wasn’t a failed murder attempt.

    Also, that kitten gif is wonderful. Murkin is such a sweet doggle. :3

  5. I had a cat that used to “groom” my pony tails. She would sit on the chair behind me and grab my head with both front paws then lick my hair into a gooey tangles mess. I miss that a lot, actually.

  6. …A…ar…are we sure this is a cat? It looks like a cross between an owl and a feather duster.

  7. My cat always acts so disgusted after she tries to groom my hair, yet STILL does it all the time. She also frequently, after a hairball, vacuums the carpet for me by roaming around the apartment eating up all the fuzzies. I think because she just lost fuzz and hair in her mess, she feels she has to replenish her stock by eating more fuzz and more hair.

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  9. SlaveToCat says:

    Umm just what did you do young lady? The Cat was about to leave your head on my door step.

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  11. I think that is about as “fur” as that cat will get…and live? :)

  12. JustcallmeJJ says:

    Holy c! It’s an owlbear.


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