It’s a dog’s life…..but somebody’s gotta do it!!!



  1. Yes this makes me happy!
    Need it on this Monday, I am missing my sheltie who passed away a year ago, but I still have my border collie mix who is SO much fun on beautiful, sunny days like today! Can’t wait til quittin’ time so I can go home and play!

  2. Sorry to hear bout your Sheltie 😦

  3. Smartypants says:

    Great video!

    I’m sorry about your sheltie, elishab – please give your BC mix a pat for me and have lots of fun playing!

  4. Thanks for your sympathies
    Almost to time to go home……sunny, 70ish outside and ready to play some ball!! SO ready for some happy!!!
    Be blessed everyone, go play with an “anipal” (if possible)!!!

  5. “Wag Along” – genius!

  6. There’s a movement here in Virginia to make it the state song (Pharrell is from here) so honestly, I’m a little sick of this song. HOWEVER, if I can sing the dog lyrics, I would vote for it! This makes me want to actually pay attention to the words.

  7. @Southern Fried Pugs, i’d take this over “let it go” just about every time.

  8. Redonk! ❤