I’ll Have a Half Pound of Butterscotch, Please

Every candy store NEEDS this sweet treat!

“Here are some of my pics of our adorable (I’m not biased!) Butterscotch. He is 10 weeks old in these pictures, and weighs half a pound! He is half lop, half lion head” (and half butterscotch. -pyrit) “…you can sorta see his mullet bangs in the second picture. We have him on a towel here because he’s a bit of a diva and refuses to go on slippery tile floor, and at this point he wasn’t litter trained & so the living room carpet was not an option! Pic 1: Look at his cute bangs and jowls! Pic 2: Practicing his best Rabbit Show pose! Love your site!” -Janelle & Scott.



  1. What a cutie.

  2. Bun is cute and all that, but what is the cat toy/cookie cutter/stamp thingie in the first pic?

  3. whawhawhatsis says:

    That’s a Zoom Groom, yulyndi. I have yet to meet a kitteh or a puppeh who doesn’t love being brushed with it — they do make a larger size for dogs, too. Butterscotch is an adorable little bun-bun!

  4. @whawhawhatsis, thanks, it was driving me crazy!