She: “Honey, Did U Take At-At Out?”

He: “Huh? (Mutes TV, fiddles with iPad, slurps smoothie, rustles paper, tries to hide. Sighs heavily.) No, ah, it was snowing earlier, (punches app) says 22 outside, so I- OK, come on little guy. Let’s do your duty.”

The Force is with DP&F.



  1. kallisto73 says:


  2. Be careful you do not step in bantha poo-doo. Please clean up after your banthas and AT-ATs. Thank you.

  3. The little leg in the air is killing me!

  4. Look at-at the size of that thing!!!

  5. Jodi Hankins says:

    Going to Comicon? Perfect.

  6. Marking his territory or really taking a a bio-break? What is expected At-At behavior?

  7. 😆 What do you do when the AT-AT gets bigger? 😆 Longer leash and bigger bushes 😆