Caturday: Kiska

It’s Caturday. You rule the house. What’s on the agenda today? Obviously, get your well-trained hoomin to tend to your every whim while you lay sprawled on the bed. Bonus points for the Double-Paw Snack Grab™! Let’s hear from the Humiliated Dedicated Hoomin Cat Servant:

“My name is Elise, and this is a video of my cat Kiska! She’s a loveable 18 lb. ball of fur and she’s very floppy. If I’m downstairs in the living room and shake the bag of treats I can hear her jump off the bed upstairs and suddenly she’s at my feet! One time she was laying on her back on the couch and I decided to experiment to see if she would eat them without getting up and assuming the normal cat-eating position.”



  1. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    Kiska’s got some impressive toehawks!

  2. whawhawhatsis says:

    And what a gorgeous heart on her nosicle! She’s a floofy beauty!

  3. What a floofpants!! Also, weirdest thing, kitty’s mom and I seem to have the exact same voice, and it’s kinda freaky and cool at the same time, haha.

  4. Kiska is beautiful and has her hoomin well trained. I made sure my kittehs were not around when I watched this so they would not get ideas…Nope, they are in the other room because I just gave them their afternoon snack…oh, wait….

  5. so cute and well loved.

  6. So much belleh-floof…must…resist…urge to snorgle IPad…FAIL…
    Cleaning tablet now..,

  7. 😆 Your dear sweet fluffy kitty, Kiska, certainly has you well trained, Elise, but don’t they all have us well trained 😆

  8. 4leafclover says:

    Kiska thought bubble = “Now fan me with a palm leaf!” 😉