The InterTubes Belong To Kittehs

Great story on Mashable about the virtual stranglehold kittehs have on The Intertubes (and everything else, for that matter.) From Maru to Grumpy Cat and all felines in between, they rule. And they aren’t shy about letting us know it, either. Here are a few of the Most Famous Furballs, leading off with Surprised Kitty!

Inception Cat:

OMG Cat:

Standing Cat:



  1. Clairdelune says:

    LOL!!! I LOVE them all! One more proof that cats are amazing creatures. The surprised kitty is do incredibly cute it makes me want to grab him and run — lucky hoomins! And the sight of the tip of thee ars slowly arising above the window sill accompanied by ominous music… sheer genius.

  2. Clairdelune says:

    Should not try to type without at least two cups of coffee… 😦

  3. Tony James says:

    Unbelievable – a history of cyber-felinity that completely ignores the ground-breaking work done by CliffyB’s cat-scan project. Put Fluffy on a flat-bed scanner, sprinkle a few crunchies on the platten, and hey presto, instant entertainment – this is back from the dial-up days of 1998:

    No matter – some of us mossy-backs remember the days when the ‘net was an unregulated wasteland of half-finished AngelFire sites with eye-gouging colour-schemes, embryonic e-commerce sites (when Amazon was still a river in South America), and You young whippersnappers, you never had it so good!

    You can find more info on CatScan (and yes, in answer to your question, Cliffy B is the same chap who codes Unreal Tournament), and for a musical look at the history of Cats On The Internet I commend you to The Brothers Veitch, and their catchy tune, The Internet Is Made Of Cats:

  4. seventy-three million views later and that kittayn’s as surprised as ever

  5. huh. my first time in the mod lounge in the new format. i guess they forgot to stock the pantry. anyone making a scone run?

  6. Well, duh. Cats own everything else they see, why not the interwebs? 🙂

    @blair, I do not have any scones…chocolate chip waffles with Vermont maple syrup OK?

  7. Stinky-Inky says:

    Dates do not seem correct. I remember seeing a lot of those kitties, like “long cat” and “I are serious cat” before 2006. Also, how do you not mention,,, LOLcat bible translation project, invisible whatever, Wilford Brimley Diabeetes cat, Cat Successories parodies, monorail cat, hovercat and this site?

    Also, I’m pretty sure I saw Joel Veitch punk cats doing The Vines “Outathaway” before 2001.

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    I liked the standing cat better in the Puss in Boots getup!

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    LOLcats in general pretty much started with Happycat, which was first given its famous title “i can haz cheeseburger” at

  10. I had not seen the Inception Cat clip before? Is there anymore context to this most interesting feline?

  11. 6rabbits says:
    Above is a link to info that all cuteoverloaders should have, espesh those who get caught at work viewing the plethora of cute kittehs out there on the interwebs! Please note that this research is from, unsurprisingly, JAPAN! 🙂 here’s to the poer of teh qte!

  12. 6rabbits says:

    Sheesh! “poWer”

  13. Standing kitty..never saw that one…..completely amazing. I was rolling with laughter.

  14. AWW 😀 I LOVE them all 😀 I am trying to find the “Tough Kitty” one on CuteOverload 😦 My old computer went and I lost the links to my cat favorites 😦 Anyone have an idea how I can find it? Please let me know. Thank you.

  15. I can’t view the ‘Surprised Kitty’ video anymore without thinking about this cutie: