Thatsa Alotta Pupperoni Pizza

When it comes to pizza, either go big or go home!

Pug on a pizza bean bag, via Well That’s Adorable.



  1. Is that deep dish or thin crust pizza? Perhaps Mr. Pug can help settle the debate. 😀

  2. tommygirl says:

    That is truly awesome

  3. Is it wrong that I kind of want one of those for myself? Bet. Dog. Bed. Evah.

  4. hai pug…you are so spoiled…big hug….xoxo

  5. Pupperoni!

  6. Smartypants says:

    Gryt – no, I want one too! I’ve also seen ones made to look like pancakes.

  7. Just the thing to pop in my mouf! 😀