New! From C.O.-Tel! Kitteh Inna Pocket!™

EVER been stuck without a kitteh? You NEED one and you NEED one NOW. Where to turn? Where to go?


Announcing Kitteh Inna Pocket™, NEW NEW NEW from C.O.-Tel! These top-quality fleece PJ’s come complete with their own Pocket-Sized Kitteh! And if you act now, we’ll ALSO throw in a copy (or two) of the 2011 Cute Overload Calendar leftover in the basement perfect for note-taking since it’s now three years old!

ORDER NOW! Operators are taking their lunch break standing by!

From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow.



  1. The toe beans match the pjs: Such attention to detail, CO! Not that I’d expect anything less from you.

  2. Clairdelune says:

    OMG! I’m rendered speechless and unable to think — MUST HAVE THAT KITTEN!!!!

  3. I agree little kitteh! I surrender, as well!

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Teh toofless mouf! Teh toebeans! Gah! So Qte it hurts.

  5. I know, when I saw it it was like a sugar rush straight to my brain. WHAMMO.

  6. Dog Lover says:

    But wait, there’s more! 🙂

    CO, you have outdone yourselves. Even a Dog Lover like me is rendered powerless to fight the qte (then again, why on earth would I want to????). 🙂

  7. I looked in my robe’s pocket and there is NO kitteh in there!! 😦

    The yawn made me DED.

  8. sabrina rose says:

    I’ll take three pairs, please, with a teensy kitten in each pocket. (And the Mama too, of course, if the kittehs are siblings!)

  9. Wana put the toe beans in MY toofless mouf and num-num on them.

  10. Peanutcat says:


  11. Lisa marie says:

    When I saw it I just HAD to share it!!! I am glad to be of service!!!!

  12. It’s like he’s saying to me…here, reach out your hands, and pick me up. I’m all yours..

    Does anyone else see that? No problems if I take him home? Anyone…anyone?

  13. victoreia says:

    I’ll take two, please!

  14. 6rabbits says:

    Ded. Just DED, I tell ya. *head-asplody sounds*

  15. Bebbeh mesmerized me with her eyes…..I am in luff…..

  16. @Lisa marie, AWW 😀 Thank you 😀

  17. @ sugitomo, you are not the only one who wants this dear sweet little kitty 😀

  18. @ sabrina rose, you are not the only one who would take this dear sweet little kitty and his/her Momma and siblings 😀

  19. Laura DragonWench says:

    TAKE MY MONEY! NOW!!!! I want one in every color! Okay, sooooo… who do I call to place my order?