Woooo, Lookin’ Good!

Cats always look good. Now they are helping hoomins look good too. Or maybe they’re just giving ’em a good licking.

Frîncu Mihai’s YouTube.



  1. AdrianaB says:

    They’re just basting.

  2. Sharon Wilson says:

    WHAT cartoon was playing in the background!?

  3. Our old cat used to do that to DH when he wore his hair in a short buzz cut. He’d wake in the middle of the night to a cat furiously grooming his head, as if it was upsetting to the cat that his hair was a mess (in bed no less).

  4. my mothers cat does this to me, and only me… can’t think why. I try and film all her ‘hair fixes’ as best I can because the demented elderly furball (she’s 14) rolls, paws, licks, rubs herself against my head every single time I see her.
    I have threatened to have my head shaved just to confuse the deluded furball….

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Sounds like caretaking behavior.

    I used to live with a guy who had an 18 year old cat he’d had since he was very small. It was very clear she thought of him as a big dumb kitten. She’d tongue-bathe him, and she’d yell at him if he forgot to eat dinner or stayed up too late.

    Boy was she unhappy when he moved in with his girlfriend. Cat constantly knocked girlfriend’s stuff (and only girlfriend’s stuff) off of tables.

    Sounds like you too might have a feline stepmother.

  6. Aww, it’s love, I tell ya. It’s love.

  7. Cats washing hoomins. Now there´s an interesting idea for a website. 🙂

  8. What it actually means when they do that is that they consider you part of their social group. Of course, it´s also marking behaviour, and they´re marking you as their property! 😉

  9. dolphin815 says:

    Yeah, it’s cute until they start coughing up those hairballs…

  10. My brother’s cat Ollie loves to groom hair but my bro is bald. So Ollie just goes to town on me whenever I’m visiting.

  11. My kitty washes off my eye make up at night if I haven’t taken it off properly. A rough tongue on the eye isn’t pleasant!!

  12. AWW 😀 The kitties are showing their love to their humans 😀