The World Of Siggy

Sender-inner Sara W. provided us with some shots of her Stylish Little Dude, Siggy. He’s a rather photogenic sort, wouldn’t you agree?











  1. You beauty in white … Love you dogy….

  2. OMG the hat photos..

  3. What a sweetie! And…OMG, I haven’t heard the name Bella Abzug since Kotch complained about the Teamsters!

  4. Very cute. Love the one with the orchid

  5. havantmedia says:

    I have exactly the same dog… looking at these pictures is so odd. feels like I’m looking at my own 🙂

  6. Dog Lover says:

    Aww, Siggy is such a sweet and adorable little guy! You can tell he is much loved.

  7. Bella Abzug in the hovertext!
    *gets on soapbox* It grieves me to see that young women know who the Kardashians are but not Bella Abzug.
    *gets off of soapbox* *trips* *cats wake up briefly, realize I am not giving them noms, then go back to sleep*

  8. Emmberrann says:

    Kudos to Saffron for recalling B Abzug! (And @ll those of us who remember her!) But Siggi! You look mahvelous, dahling!

  9. Cute!

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Siggy clearly picked the right house to live in, in that neighborhood!

  11. Smartypants says:

    Yay for Bella Abzug shout-out! I grew up in that era. Speaking of which, have you guys seen the new Shirley Chisholm postage stamps? Love her expression and the ’70s color palette. I smile every time I put one on an envelope.

    Oh, and I love Siggy too! My fave is the pic w/the orchid – “look, I am sensitive!”