WHO’S The Penguin, Then?

(Say like any Monty Python character:) “Can’t beleef it- bloody thing here, wot’s it doin,’ yeah? Bit o’ string, mates. In our way! Gonna have a go gettin’ by it, aren’t we then? Who’s ‘wit me?”

Via 22Words..all 22 of ’em.



  1. Ooh, what’s on the telly tonight? Hmm, looks like a PENGUIN!

  2. It’s like a bad reboot of the Young Ones. From Patagonia.

  3. “It got me leg!” 😀

  4. The last one looked like he was expecting to trip but when it didn’t happen, he stopped and went “huh??” 😀

  5. marthava says:

    “Why are you doing this to us, Lord?? WHY??” LOLOL

  6. “Coulda killed yerself, mate. Yeah? That wouldn’ta been–you wouldn’t be laughing then, would ya?” (I just watched this three times in a row.) “He showed us ‘ow to do it! We can all do it now!”

  7. Also: LOVE the “British humour” tag! First time I noticed it.

  8. That´s just the most hilarious thing!!! LOL

  9. Smartypants says:

    I love, toward the end, when the one figures out to step ON the string (well, ‘figured it out’ may be giving him too much credit – it was more like a happy accident).