“She is our new Lab/Great Pyrenees puppy. She is super cute, sweet, intelligent, a little bit naughty and a lot cray cray. She enjoys short walks in our backyard, chewing on her stinky bone and barking at her poop. Photos by new mom Kristin.”

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  1. soooo cute!!!!

  2. super cute!

  3. She is adorable! ❤ Enjoy her while she is little, it goes by quickly! They are wonderful dogs.

  4. sabrina rose says:

    O those puppy eyes!

  5. Oh my heavens!!! Double sccops of cuteness with a lab/GP combo!! I would love to see photos of this beautiful little girl as she gets bigger..

  6. I want to nom on those velvety ears. What a sweet puppeh. ❤

  7. Antennapedia says:

    The single GREATEST dog I have ever known was a pyr/golden mix. She was just the most delightful, sweet-natured, smart (and HUGE) dog I have ever known. She looked very much like this as a puppy!

  8. Smartypants says:

    Congratulations! (She is being so good for her bath too!)

  9. Barking at her poop! LOL! I can imagine poop to be a little weird for new pups, what’s this junk coming out of my back end??!! I SHALL SING TO IT THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE BAROOOOOO!

  10. They’re going to have to get a much bigger sink soon to contain the quick-growing cuteness.
    Pearl can stay with me during the reno.

  11. ack!!!!! too cute. that bath tub/sink picture. so innocent!!

  12. With that combo, Pearl is going to be a big girl! Such a sweet, cute, goofy little girl.

  13. twocityshibas says:

    Looks like someone’s huffing new puppy smell!!

  14. Post-bath Pearl is so adorbs!

  15. Oh, Poil, I’m smitten beyond all allowable um, smittenness. *Thud*

  16. Tamara- Bwahaha!!!!

  17. halo puppies….muaaacchhh

  18. EEK! She’s so fluffy!

  19. She really is a sweet natured pup! Cuddle bug too. Feeling lucky we found her!

  20. We rescued a Lab/Pyr mix. He looks like a giant black Lab with white feet. He’s very calm and great with kids. He’s just the sweetest dog ever!! Pearl is gorgeous. Love her name. Enjoy your new baby!