OK, Everybody! Ten Minute Pool Break!

Everybody pile on in! DON’T FORGET YOUR LIFE PRESERV-oh, never mind. (And do NOT pee in the pool!!!)

Yet another FBF (Facebook Find) from The Moon Pie.



  1. I think I might pass on that afternoon swim I had planned. OK who peed in the pool..?

  2. Even the puppehs that stay dry are excited!

  3. @Scoobiesnacks .. I think it was ‘that’ one over there .. the one with fur and 4 paws..
    no .. not that one .. the other one (Not that other mike thou)

  4. I’m having a rotten week, but THIS created a huge bright spot! THIS simply made me feel happy! Such excitement and JOY 🙂 My week just got better.

  5. I like how all the labs dive into the pool and then the german shorthair pointer runs around the edge going, “I’m an upland bird dog, I don’t do water. Nope.” and goes back into the room from whence they came.

  6. @mtkees — not only do the labs dive in while the pointer stays land-bound, but the labs retrieve the tennis balls while the beagle does what beagles do best: grabs a ball and chews on it like he hasn’t eaten in days.

  7. Smartypants says:

    MJP, I hope your week keeps getting better!