The Mane Event

Is your hair an also-ran? Give it more horsepower, with new Equiene™ shampoo, for hair you’ll be proud to win, place or show.


Via Pixdaus on Facebook.



  1. Clairdelune says:

    Oh my, what a beauty. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if you win, just stand there and look gorgeous!!!

  2. It’s the Fabio of horses!

  3. This is the Zoolander of horses.

  4. Between this guy and the Afghan a few posts down, today is a really good hair day.

  5. tommygirl says:

    This is a win!

  6. …just beautiful. wow!

  7. That hover text is simply awesome… as is the horse!

  8. Madame X says:

    The Nathan Fillion of horses. (Why yes, I do have a crush on NF; have had it since he paraded all over the galaxy in a brown coat, tight pants. suspenders and a low-slung gun…)

  9. You’re all wrong – that’s the Swayze of horses!

  10. A thousand stylists in California want to know what product they used to get this effect.

  11. My vote is for the Fabio of horses!

  12. Gotta go with the Fabio here too.

  13. I wish my hair looked this good.

  14. So beautiful and majestic!! I want one:)

  15. Fabio never looked so good. Never. Ever. This fabulous animal is Flame, the Island Stallion!