Mo’ O’ Mo

Last week, we met Mo and his Glare Of Death/Look Of Disapproval. Submitter/Hoomin Kathleen T. has a different term for that Look.

“There’s so much doo-doo face. There’s doo-doo face to spare.

1. Doo-doo takes over dog bed.
2. Doo-doo reads Freud.
3. Sleepy doo-doo.
4. Doo-doo hates my MacBook Pro
5. Cute doo-doo.

Good times with my evil overlord cat.”








  1. Mr. Mo is too adorable…no matter what he’s doing or thinking!

  2. catcrazy3 says:

    Mr. Mo is no doo-doo face! He’s too adorable….Oh, no I’m wrapped around his fluffy wee paw.

  3. Oh Mo I want to lie on the nice carpet with you. You are gorgeous!

  4. i’d hoop that nose all day long!

  5. i mean, boop.

  6. AWW 😀 Dear sweet Mo looks so comfortable wrapped up in that lovely fleece blanket 😀

  7. Smartypants says:

    #4 – he may hate the MacBook Pro, but he certainly likes the MacBox it came in!

  8. He’s so floofy!!

  9. I loff him! ❤ ❤ Doo-doo face, or not.