Finn, Meet Storm And Shadow

Finn The Kitteh is without question the most patient kitteh in the history of…um, history. How Finn doesn’t haul off and whack these two frantic little maniacs starting at :40, we’ll nevah know.

From VVV.



  1. I wish I had that kind of patience!

  2. Jimbeaux says:

    Lovely patient kitteh, but…. I want the puppies! Want them right now! Such happy playfully li’l fluff-guys! (Or gals, I dunno! Don’t care, either! I wannem!)

  3. Storm and Shadow? I’m guessing their hoomin is a fan of G.I. Joe.

  4. Finn obviously had something quite tasty to eat, and the puppehs want to know if there’s anything left to share.

  5. Jenny Islander says:

    The second half is the puppies going “Guess what, you’re an honorary dog! IwuvyouIwuvyouIwuvyouIwuvyou!” and the cat going, “Wow. Gee. Thanks.”

  6. Pup body language says these two have adopted Finn as an adult member of their pack. That chin licking? It’s how wolf cubs ask the grown-ups to kindly gack up some food for the kiddies. Lucky Finn, eh?

  7. canadianmary says:

    sorry , I didn’t like this. YES the puppehs are cute but WHY doesn’t the owner kindly rescue the poor kitty?
    It is obvious that it is not enjoying itself..

  8. Hanglyman says:

    It’s a rare cat that can distinguish “hostile, fluffy aliens trying to lick me to death” from “adorable babies of another species that just want to play”.

  9. Hailp! I’m being ambushed!
    P.S. this video is obviously not from Japan. I mean, look at those floors! 😉

  10. I miss having a pupppeeh!

  11. IMO every puppy should meet up with a very impatient cat early in life and learn a valuable lesson–Don’t mess with cats!–before it gets so big it can do a cat some real harm.

  12. AdrianaB says:

    Finn qualifies for that web site about cats who look like a particular 20th century German dictator.

  13. earthboundmisfit says:

    What cute puppies!
    canadianmary, nothing was stopping the cat from running away.
    I don’t think Finn looks like Hitler, I think he looks like Charlie Chaplin.

  14. Dog Lover says:

    @canadianmary, from what I know of cats, this guy is perfectly capable of 1) fighting his own battles, if need be or 2) removing himself from any given situation. I wouldn’t worry too much about Finn doing EXACTLY what Finn wants to do. 🙂

  15. Killer Klown says:

    Klee Kai!

  16. Clairdelune says:

    @Barbarella, I was going to make exactly the same comment!! I admit it was the first thing I noticed… guess we are getting spoiled by Japanese floors. Alas, my floors look more like the ones in this video… ;-(

  17. Sharon Wilson says:

    “No, you may NOT leeck my face!”

  18. wow, not even a single hiss or a swipe. this kitty has seen his share of puppies in the past, clearly.

  19. Finn is totally all “I am soooooo above such canine idiocy.”

  20. Lol that cat is loving it!! His/her tail is up the whole time! bff’s!!!

  21. whatthelump says:

    “Hey izzat bacon cuz I smell bacon didja get bacon djeet bacon huh huh huh?”
    “Let me through, I say, let me through!”

  22. The wagging tail-io on the little black puppy just kills me. Finn is all like, “well, I thought I was gonna get a drink of water, but instead I got a drink of slobber!” Lol

  23. @ kshealsey, you are right about the puppies behaviour. Poor Finn. Can’t tell those puppies that kitties don’t do that with their babies, but instead bring home fresh killed mice.