You Can Either Wake UP On A Caturday…

…or not! Your call!

From Trevor M.



  1. Titters looked a little dubitante at first…. At least until the pettings made him/her fall asleep.

  2. What a sweet kitty! But just watching her made me sleepy..move over and make room for me, Titters!

  3. Don’t humans — and dogs — know that cats need their beauty sleep, at least 18 hours of it?! (Apparently not.)

  4. Linda H. says:


  5. love that its a guy recording and worshipping his kitteh (as is right). also – i am with my two sleeping beauties and cannot resist a toebean stroke or chin scritch here and there. caturday indeed.

  6. Dog Lover says:

    What a sweet kitteh! And a very loving hoomin.

  7. The paw over the hand got me. Kitteh says “I’m just gonna… keep this… for a little whi-” *zonk*

  8. jlamusings says:

    Ahh yes….Saturday mornings as a nice time to just chill out with the pets in bed…. after feeding them, of course, because we can’t have the poor things starving while the hoomin sleeps peacefully!

  9. This is what makes the daily kitty shenanigans all worth while.

  10. I love cross-eyed kittehs. They always look adorably clueless.
    New comment page….do not want.

  11. AWW 😀 That kitty is shown to be very well loved and shows love back 😀

  12. @Melissa