Whadya Think, Billy? Kin We Take ‘Em?

Ah don’ know, Bart. Reckon that short one sittin’ down ain’t much of a shot- heck, he ain’t got no gun. But that one on the right, he’s packin’ some serious attitude. I’d be careful not to get him riled.

Photo by Jake Olsen as seen on Viral Nova.com.



  1. Oh don’t forsake me, oh my darlin’…

  2. That’s definitely a frameable pic…..

  3. Looks like they are remaking Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

  4. Dog Lover says:

    There’s a new sheriff in town and he ain’t takin’ no guff from nobody. 🙂

  5. Too cute! But what has happened to the ‘primates’ tag?

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Love these “lawmen” framed against the sunset. Is this the Big Sky country of Montana?

  7. Sandy Williamson says:

    What a cute little boy!

  8. Wow, this really IS no country for old men!

  9. Fleurdamour says:

    Billy the Kid and Dog Holliday

  10. I don’t know who is cuter!!! I never understood why babies aren’t on CO that often.