Migrant Office Workers

My people are a proud people. We do not want your pity. Wherever there is work, we will go. Last week, I learn of a job collating documents for a big law firm. When I arrive, there are hundreds of us hoping to be chosen. It is a hard life. But I do not complain. As long as I have my desk and my pack mule Annabelle, I will get by.

Via BuzzFeed.



  1. AdrianaB says:

    OMG baby donkeys!!!!!1!!

  2. WaldenPuddle says:

    And once again, I can go to sleep knowing the world is a better place with such commentary accompanying a little tufter donkey with a desk on his back. God speed Ntmtom.

  3. Once again, we are asked to work our ass off.

  4. 260Oakley says:

    “I’m just a desk jockey working for the FBI– Fuzzy Burro of Investigation.”

  5. Don’t fret, Annabelle….It could be worse. You could have gotten the job hauling the Brady Bunch up and down the Grand Canyon.

  6. WHY do I not have a donkey to carry my desk…?! I love CO postings of animals at work…..