Why is Your Top Floof so Floofeh?

Oh I don’t know honey, sometimes I guess my great big ol’ ex-TREEEEEME cuteness just goes, “asplode!”, all by itself!

Via Imgur.



  1. pinkmariposas says:

    OMG, I can’t even…………<3

  2. whawhawhatsis says:

    It’s the Don King of puppeh hairdos.

  3. freetomato says:


  4. JustAnotherHeather says:

    Texas hair!

  5. Newest member of the B-52s.

  6. Clairdelune says:

    Oh the indignities to which hoomins subject their hapless puppehs!! Time for a Puppeh Bill of Rights, starting with freedom from silly hairdos. 😉

  7. Clairdelune says:

    Oh yes, I forgot to add that those adorable stubbular legs and boopable nosicle should provide a sufficient daily dose of Qte.

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m having a Jack Nance in “Eraserhead” flashback…

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    Ok so funny and cute!

  10. I want to know how this was done. For reasons….

  11. This reminds me of the famous trapezoid hair cut that killed our fearless leader, Meg, quite dehd.

  12. Came for “Eraserhead” reference, leaving satisfied yet creeped out.