Disco The Spy (Keeps Rockin’ In The Free World)

If that headline makes zero sense to you now, it’ll be clearer after you watch this video!

From The Squid. Apologies to Neil Young, man.



  1. I love Disco. I’ve been watching/listening to him for years and he never ceases to amaze.

  2. Ahahah Disco! I loved him in “What’s The Problem, Officer?”

  3. I too have watched quite a many Disco vids… I never tire of them.

  4. Hehe, if he were at my house, he’d drive my boys nuts with his meowing.

  5. Hmmm. Besides the spy remark, he also says that his cage is “bigger on the inside”. So is he a former spy, or a Time Lord with feathers ?

  6. Aww, the “Rakastan sin[ua]” is Finnish for I love you!

  7. Someone watches “Burn Notice”! XD

  8. I ADORE Disco the parakeet–bird to your mother! Have you heard him snore??? “Honkshuhonkshuhonkshu”