Ninja Pig…In A Sweateuh

“Two guinea pigs live happily in our preschool classroom in Brooklyn, NY. Ninja (above) & Buttercup were donated at the beginning of the school year by a family that developed bad allergies and could not keep them. They are a loved part of our classroom and so sweet. Because of the polar vortex, I tried to knit them a sweater, but it turns out that guinea pigs HATE wearing sweaters!” -Kerri M.



  1. lisaLASSIE says:

    Peeg in a blanket?

  2. That last sentence almost caused a mouthful of my salad to be projected out, up, and spread over my entire keyboard. I am shocked, *shocked* I tell you, to learn that guinea pigs hate sweaters!

  3. Smartypants says:

    It is a lovely sweater, though, Kerri M.

  4. Folks, a question: if you try to share this post on FB, using the little yellow “F” square, are you getting a “Page not found” error? Which, of course, makes no sense as you are viewing the very page it says doesn’t exist.

  5. I wonder if the peegy would have like it better if you told him it was a coozy?

  6. Brinke—Yes, dead end in Chrome. No buttons in IE10.

  7. no buttons at all? they don’t show, period? I have IE11, the current version, installed- tho I never use it. But I went there and they show for me.

  8. Well, now I’ve got buttons (it’s like the magical Help Desk call—no, really, it…oh, never mind). Curiously, the comments are now listing in a single column—it’s divided, but all the comments are on the left. What might that mean…? 😉

  9. Brinke the Facebook link fails in Firefox as well, under Redhat Linux OS, no less. Not sure why; but it does seem to be a widespread issue.

  10. This wasn’t a wasted effort as you got a pair of perfectly nice wrist warmers out of it! Now, quickly get to knitting what is the choice of peegs… a cape!

  11. Brinke—Further research (because that’s what I’m doing…) shows that just the guinea pig is a dead end; the posts around it (Nat Geo and NTMTOM’s trash can raccoon) both work. Mysteriouso.

  12. thank U for the feedback.

  13. So funny you mention the wrist warmers, gryt – after the pigs rejected the sweater, the kids started using it in the dress-up area as a superhero wrist cuff, so I am spending my Spring Break making a bunch more!

  14. Now see, if we had the tags listed to the side, I bet Brinke would’ve remembered the Knitted tag.

  15. 6rabbits says:

    @ marthava: 😆 at your wit!

    PLEASE bring back the single column, threads/reply, and tags listed at the side!! Absence is certainly not benefitting your readers (who keep asking for them), and I can’t imagine how it could be of benefit to The Management! Now I’m all disgruntled and need to look at someting cute! Good thing I’m at the right place for that! 🙂

  16. sweat hoglets 😉

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